Since 2005, ESD-Global team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the facilities on the energy saving and have created a portfolio of reliable products to serve them all. We continue to provide new and innovative products. From the beginning, we have had the vision to future upgrades as new technology arrives at a faster pace. We believe in proven results in days not in months or years.  We pride ourselves on our high levels of quality and safety for the benefit of our partners, suppliers and employees.

Our passion is to put the needs of our customers first.

ESD-Global started when a team of driven, passionate professionals with combined experience of more than 50 years in the control and automation industry to rethink energy management solutions. We brought our Cloud based analytics expertise with the engineers and leaders in energy management & industrial control systems. At ESD-Global, we believe in nimble, best in class and cost-effective solutions. 

Our core design principle is Human Centered Design. From the on-field technicians to senior leadership, energy management and analytics should be simple, easier to implement and accessible.

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